Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Where Have I Been?

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Where have I been? Well I took alittle break after Christmas then I came down with a horrible cold. Still coughing and wish I could stop that. I am so sore from coughing 24/7. I've tried alot of home remedies but nothing seems to help. I have tried a few new recipes and will be sharing those with yall this week. I finally got it down on homemade biscuits. I know sounds silly but I have been trying so hard to get the biscuit of my dreams, lol. I best explain myself. lol I know I sound nuts. lol. As a young girl I remember my Grandmother and Mother whipping up a batch of homemade biscuits for breakfast. I loved eating them. Adding butter and the syrup oh what a delight in my stomach. lol. Being so young I didn't really pay attention on what all they added in their sweet recipe. My Mother passed away when I was 11 and my Grandmother passed away when I was in high school. So I never got the chance of writing down some of their favorite recipes. I have been on a quest on cooking the correct biscuit like they did. What I found out is this it's not that hard. Very simple and they were wonderful when i tried them last weekend. I did a happy dance in my kitchen. Thank goodness no one was looking. lol. Anyways I will be sharing the biscuit recipe this week with you if you are interested. I have been working on a few Valentine prims. I wish I could sew and create all that I want too but I just don't have that much time in my day. :( Up at top is a free graphic for your taking. I have some Valentines but I have misplaced those on my computer somewhere. lol Only me only me. lol. Going to wrap it up. I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to this New Year so far. God's blessings to each of you until tomorrow!~Dena 


Shirlee said...

I LOVE a good biscuit & will be looking forward to your recipe! Hope you feel better soon! Blessings, Shirlee

Pam at Antique or Not said...

Please, please share! I have been on the same "perfect biscuit" quest for exactly the same reasons as you.

Hope you start feeling better soon...


Danice said...

I just cannot seem to make edible biscuits, ha. Looking forward to your recipe. I hope you feel better very soon, also.