Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Free Graphic

I am still recouping from the holidays. I hate to admit it but my tree's are still up twinkling away. lol.
Yes I am a official bum. lol I suppose to take everything down tomorrow since I am having a little get together here at my home Saturday for family. What will they think of me if I decide to leave it out? lol. Have you ever seen a house that had their Christmas lights up all year? I have. lol Am I tempted to leave them out and annoy my neighbors possibly? lol.I won't be mean and leave them out. lol Leaving everything up this late has already pinched a nerve with the hubs. lol. I guess I will have to get some energy up and take it all down. Ok on another note I have some sweet Valentine graphics I will be giving away and also a Valentine room spray really soon. Chocolate covered strawberries room spray. Now don't that sound yummy? Believe me it is!!!! My own creation. I love spraying that in my home during Valentines. I will do an update on the giveaway really soon. Has anyone started making their Valentine prims yet? I will admit I have not. :( Hopefully sometime this coming weekend. Well off to dreamland for me. sweet dreams! Blessings~Dena


Shirlee said...

I don't think your decorations are past their expiration date yet. Technically I think a lot of people leave theirs up until January 6th which is the feast of the 3 kings. I remember my mother saying she needed to get her decorations down or people would be thinking she was celebrating Russian Christmas. I never looked into that but just did & it seems the Russian Orthodox church celebrates Christmas on January 7th so there you go ... if you don't get your decorations down before then just tell people this weekend that you are celebrating Russian Christmas : ) I won't be making any Valentine prims this year. This entire year will be nothing but creating for next Christmas. Blessings, Shirlee

jennifer768 said...

Morning Dena! Sweet pear graphic my friend.I too am being a bum lately.LOL!That is okay though because we have earned a few days off.LOL! The new room spray sounds so yummy.I know that I am enjoying mine that I won in your last giveaway!Yummy!Have a great day sweetie!Hugs,Jen

alltheseboys said...

My house is still full of Christmas decor too!! My five year old bugs me every night to take it down. I keep telling him this weekend...this weekend!! Katie

The Barn Hollow said...

I have been known to take down the Christmas stuff THAT night, LOL. but usually no later than New Years Day. When it has been up since Thanksgiving you finally just get tired of looking at it . . . .
Started my Valentine prims yesterday, running late, as usual and working on a couple new things at the same time. Never productive!
Have fun, but don't work too hard!!
Warm Wishes,