Friday, August 10, 2012

Planting Seeds.....

A happy heart makes the face cheerful...The cheerful heart has a continual feast.
-Proverbs 15:13,15

The Bible says we are like a mist, a vapor, here for a moment, then we're gone. (James 4:14)
Life is such a blessing for each of us. Even on the toughest times we might feel as if we can't go on. Let me say to you that you can. See the truth is happiness is a decision we all make, its not an emotion you feel. We decide in our lifetime what we want out of it. It's what we put into this life of ours what we get out of it. Planting those seeds. Seeds of happiness, faith, love, etc....What kind of seeds have you planted in your life? We have to harvest what we plant. We live by choices. Yes some people have had everything you can imagine happen to them. Some take those experiences and learn from them and still find that seed of hope. Some take the experience and wither away.

I am planting seeds of hope, laughter, happiness, faith, love, I can go on an on what I want in my life. No life or family is perfect. We don't have to wait for everything to be just right to be happy. God doesn't want it that way. God wants us to be happy right where you are, right now this very minute.

Just remember being unhappy doesn't change all the obstacles that has been in your path.
 Being negative won't change your situation either. Happiness is a choice.
This is what I am living by each day! It's my choice if I want to see the sun shining even when it's not shining. :) I want to wish all of you a wonderful blessed weekend. Stay safe and happy!


Shirlee said...

Applause, applause Dena! Wonderful post! More people need to get this message down deep in their hearts : ) You have a wonderful & blessed weekend as well!

Morning Glory Vintage Prims said...

Thank you Shirlee, Its taken me some time to get there but I feel good and Ive sowed my seeds. Im happy! Wishing you a blessed weekend as well. Thank you for stopping by my blog and visiting me. Hugs!